What is the packaging?

The pills are released in blisters. Every pack has from 1 to 10 blisters. Every pack is tightly closed, packed well, and pills will not be broken during the transportation. We do not indicate your name on the pack with the pills. We do not sell expired medications. If you order less than 60 pills, it will be sent in one package. If you ordered more than 60 pills, it will be divided into several packages.

Will you offer other medications?

If you are looking for certain medications, and you have not found any on our website, please, let us know, and we will add this medication to our list.

Are your products certified?

Any medical product we offer on our website is certified and approved by the FDA. All medications available on the site meet the international quality standards.

How to place an order?

Ordering is very simple. You should add a required product to the shopping cart. Then you will see your item in the cart. Indicate your delivery address, name, and pay for the order. You may get more details about our shipping policy on the site.

Will other people know what I have ordered?

No, every order is confidential. The medications are packed in the opaque film, and no one will know what is inside your package. Even a courier does not know what you will receive.

When will I receive my order?

It depends on shipment method, you have selected. A courier will deliver your package within 8 business days. And regular AirMail will take about 3 weeks.

Can I return or exchange the product?

If you do not like the product, you may ask for refund. In any case, you should contact us and find out more details.

How can I be confident that you will send me the ordered product?

We care about our customers and value our reputation. It took us so much effort to develop such great service, and so we do our best to support it and provide only high quality products. Moreover, you may always contact our customer support and ask any questions. Feel free to leave any feedbacks. It will help us to improve our work, and we appreciate any opinion.

What medications do you offer?

We offer both brand and generic medications. And you may order any product you like. You may also read detailed description of every product, and compare brand and generic medications.

What is generic medication?

Roughly said, Generic drug is a copy of a brand product. Generic drug has the same active ingredient, the same dosing, but it costs cheaper and may have a different appearance and shape of a pill. In addition, Generic medications may contain different additional chemical additives that do not affect the whole function of the drug. Generic medications provide the same efficacy as the branded ones.

Does every medication have generics?

Well, you may find Generics of the popular medications for sure. However, some medications cannot be copied because they should have a strict chemical composition.

Why does the name on the pill differ from the original?

The pills contain the name of the active ingredient on it. Generic drugs cannot use the same name, as it is regulated by the law. And so, the pack of the Generic drug may differ from the brand one. However, the chemical composition of both medications is the same.

Why are prices low on your website?

As we do not invest money into the promotion of medications, we may set a minimal cost of the pill. Also, we work directly with the manufacturers, and all medications are supplied from the manufacturer’s plants. We do not use any additional services or dealers. Most our manufacturers are located in India, where the production is rather cheap. Our medications are quality and have affordable prices.

How can I pay for the order?

We accept E-Checks and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard). These systems suggest secure and fast transactions. Any your financial data is protected. When you have paid your order, we will dispatch the package within 48 hours.

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