When the anxiety runs high… keep the focus on the zone of personal influence!


The level of anxiety of many people is going through the roof right now!

And besides world events, everyone still has their own life, which also has its own difficulties, problems and tasks. For some, one overlaps with the other. Such, here, double stress turns out.

I have every first consultation with clients now about feelings of fear, horror, anxiety. About sadness and grief . About anger and powerlessness. And about many other feelings.

Too much uncertainty, too little security, too little accountability.

People talk about feeling the fragility of everything familiar.

They give metaphors of collapsed card houses.

Of course, I do my best to give the person space to experience their feelings.

And with all clients, without exception, I say that there is always a zone of our personal influence. The zone that happens in which depends 100% only on ourselves.

And we can focus on that.

Of course, in different situations, this zone of personal influence will be different. Once it was big. And, once – quite tiny.

It is important to see her, to notice. And focus on it. Direct your efforts and resources to it. Who has how much?

Just take care of yourself and your health. About nutrition, sleep, physical activity. About security, as much as possible.

Just take care of your loved ones. It’s priceless!

It’s just good to do your daily job. And this is also a concern – care for those for whom we work. I am now talking about any profession and any job, even the seemingly simplest and most inconspicuous.

Limit news. Read, be aware, but do not drown in them.

Maintain relationships and peace with the small number of people with whom we are in personal relationships. Do not quarrel and do not isolate yourself.

And to realize that there is much that is outside the zone of our influence. Reasons for what is happening. Feelings of other people. Other people’s choices. Actions of other people. global processes.

Be able to distinguish the first from the second.

Focus on the second leads to the fact that anxiety goes off scale, focus on the first – reduces anxiety, helps to cope with it, make it bearable.

This article is my little support for anyone who needs it now.

event_note August 10, 2022

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