Acts of kindness can help combat social anxiety

Canadian researchers from Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia have found that good deeds are not only pleasant for others, but also very beneficial for the psychological health of the person who has done something good.

The study involved 115 students of undergraduate , who experienced high levels of social anxiety. They were divided into three groups. For four weeks, participants in the first group had to do some kind deeds, in the second – to show social interaction, and the subjects in the third group were asked to simply record their daily activities.

The data obtained showed that there was a general decrease in the desire to avoid social interaction in people from the first group. In addition, the researchers found it was especially helpful in combating feelings of fear of being rejected by others, as well as levels of anxiety and anxiety associated with social anxiety.

Experts believe that acts of kindness can help counter negative social expectations by fostering a more positive attitude in the human social environment.

event_note March 31, 2021

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