Aggression, low self-esteem and anxiety: reasons why you shouldn’t fight in front of children

In family life, it is very difficult to avoid conflicts. But when a man and a woman have children, it should be understood that every word spoken during a quarrel can negatively affect the child’s condition and even provoke serious psychological problems in the future.

How does conflict between parents affect children?

A child, like a sponge, absorbs everything that he sees and hears. He forms his idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlife, about people and the relationship between them on the basis of what he saw in the circle of his family. Therefore, it is so important for adults to behave correctly, to build healthy relationships so as not to harm the baby.

Children, in whose families there are frequent quarrels, are characterized by increased anxiety. It becomes much more difficult for them to trust other people. They tend to withdraw into themselves. In some cases, a child, in protest against what is happening at home, may begin to show aggression towards other children. Because of what, he will have problems communicating with his peers, failures in school and extracurricular activities, which will grow like a snowball and in the future threaten a person with difficulties in finding his soul mate and forming a circle of friends.

In families where they often speak in a raised voice, blame each other and slam doors, children live in an atmosphere of uncertainty about the future, constant anxiety and a sense of fear. If the parents do not explain to the child the essence of the conflict and what caused the quarrel, then his self-esteem will decrease, he will not be able to adequately assess the world around him, which in turn will not allow him to achieve success in adult life.

How can you not behave in front of children?

– if you are not talking with your spouse, do not use the child as a liaison;
– do not offend your partner and his relatives;
– do not threaten;
– do not let go of your hands;
– do not leave the child alone in the room;
– do not rush out of the house, leaving the conflict unresolved.

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