Anxiety and fear – how to cope?

How is fear different from anxiety?

In its simplest form:

Fear – when right now it’s scary. I see the danger and it becomes scary. That is, fear arises in response to a more or less specific stimulus, the source of fear.

Although there are irrational forms of fear. For example, when a person enters a dark room at his home and fear arises, although there is actually no danger. And a person, in principle, understands that no one can hide in a dark room. Or when a person reacts to any object or situation with intense fear, then perhaps the object or situation acts as a trigger that triggers reactions from a forgotten past.

to deal with anxiety and fear

It is important to understand that with a moderate reaction force, fear is more of a friend than an enemy, as it warns of danger. When fear paralyzes our activity and makes us suffer, then we need to figure out what makes fear so strong. And reduce its level.

Anxiety – occurs in response to some more abstract, obscure stimulus. In this case, most often in the future. Here you need to understand that nothing has happened yet. Perhaps the reason is catastrophization syndrome .

It helps to cope with anxiety by focusing on the present moment, “here and now”, on a specific activity.

I want to introduce you to Sedona , a method widely used in counseling. The Sedona method is good for dealing with anxiety and fear.

It also helps in a number of other cases:

– to deal with addictions,

– compulsive actions

– improve relationships

– achieve the goal.

How does the Sedona method work?

The basic principle of the Sedona method is to learn to switch attention from an object that causes severe anxiety or fear.

And this is often the main reason why you can’t cope on your own. Because the source of anxiety or fear completely captures our attention.

I prepared a video course “How to quickly deal with anxiety and fear using the Sedona method.”

It includes a theoretical block, exercises for mastering the skills of switching attention and specific techniques for overcoming anxiety and fear.

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