How are anxiety and aggression related?

Anxiety is a condition characterized by difficulty in making decisions, making choices and actions associated with fear of their consequences, taking responsibility and, in general, a future that has not come and is beyond control.

This turns out to be a trap, because if we do not make choices and actions, then we give responsibility to someone (a person or chance), and this is also alarming when you cannot control anything.

Anxious thoughts and fear cause internal tension that needs to be released. Then, if a person has an internal ban on aggression, then he will perform obsessive – compulsive actions ( obsession – obsessive thoughts, compulsions – actions caused by these thoughts) or become depressed, if there is no ban on aggression, then fear, anxiety and tension will respond through aggression in a safe environment.

Have you ever noticed that there are bosses who, in a difficult situation, shout at their subordinates, their fear and anxiety are so unbearable that they require a way out. So, such bosses are often like children who cry and scream, they need external support, support and comfort. As a rule, few people love such people, but if you treat this person with understanding, do not take it personally, and answer this person in a friendly, soothing tone, but confidently (because he is looking for support), then your relationship with him will become better.

Aggression is that energy, force, which in its positive sense is given to perform an action, to overcome oneself, the impact of the environment.

Remember 3 types of human reaction to stress – hit, freeze, run.

People with a manifest impulse to change in the external environment run and beat, and those who cannot realize this impulse freeze.

In my experience, obsessive – compulsive acts are resorted to by people who have a taboo against aggression.

Then the anxious person can perform some kind of obsessive- compulsive action, for example, return home 10 times and check if the iron is turned off, and then if the kettle is turned off , etc. This will torment a person, because he will be late for work, an exam, an interview because of such actions, but anxiety is much more painful than the consequences of being late, so he cannot refuse these actions that reduce it for some time.


Anxiety is a frozen action.

In order to overcome it, you need to act, and in order to act, you need to untie your hands and give yourself the right to realize yourself in the external environment and overcome this resistance, by returning to yourself the right to healthy aggression.

event_note June 5, 2022

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