How to get rid of panic attacks

A panic attack is a very unpleasant process that can overtake at any time and in any place. And most people are defenseless against them. After all, it is so difficult to “pull yourself together” and get rid of this condition. Most often, in connection with panic attacks, you can put an end to all plans for the day and slowly crawl home to at least recover a little. But, in fact, not everything is so bad. Panic attacks can be managed, dealt with and healed on your own. In this article, we will look at how to achieve this and what steps you need to take to achieve this.

How to get rid of panic attacks without pills

In the matter of treatment, most people prefer pharmacological drugs. This is not entirely true, since taking medication alone is unlikely to completely help get rid of this disorder. To understand why, let’s look at the panic attack itself. You go somewhere about your business, mentally scrolling something in your head. Gradually, uncontrollable thoughts begin to come to the head, most often of a very negative content. Perhaps about how you had a falling out with the boss. You dive deeper and deeper into the situation, continue it, consider a possible continuation, start to worry and suddenly, you notice some strange tingling in the chest area. There is a terrible thought of a heart attack, this thought is even more frightening, the tingling becomes more pronounced, fear grows, the heart is pounding harder, the pressure increases, the head begins to spin, you become afraid of all these symptoms. A frightening thought entails manifestations in the body (tingling, a feeling of fullness, etc.), which in turn lead to even more terrible thoughts, and so on in a spiral, stronger and stronger, until panic sets in – the highest manifestation of fear. In this case, you want to take a pill. And, it doesn’t matter which one, just to survive. As you can see, in the end, a person no longer remembers how it all began. And in the beginning there was just a thought, which he untwisted to unthinkable proportions.

All subsequent fright, accelerated heartbeat, pressure and other symptoms are just the action of adrenaline. From anxious thoughts and fear for your life, a certain amount of adrenaline is released. It just leads to muscle tension, palpitations, dizziness, etc. His task is to do everything for the organism to survive; the action of adrenaline is aimed at mobilizing internal resources. That is why just taking a pill is not enough. The medicine will slightly alleviate the condition, since drugs of a sedative spectrum of action, acting on receptors for gamma-aminobutyric acid, will ease anxiety and fear. But the breakdown of adrenaline in the blood lasts about 30-40 minutes. Therefore, whatever you drink at this time, the discomfort in the body will remain until the excess adrenaline is removed. The only real benefit of taking any drugs is that you stop overclocking yourself and winding yourself up further. Something like this happens in the mind: “I took a pill, so I will survive, it just helps with panic attacks.” In part, this is a placebo effect. But thanks to such an unconscious psychological trick, the emotional background evens out and becomes more stable.

The problem with panic attacks is that the brain remembers them . That is, if there was a panic last time on the way to work, the brain remembered it and, most likely, next time it will cover it in this place. For such a case, it is important to learn how to defeat the panic attack itself. Do not be afraid of its approach and constantly change routes, but learn how to behave and cope on your own. Otherwise, you simply won’t leave the house without your favorite life-saving pill. And if you go out without it, then immediately remember this and a panic attack will happen again, for which you are completely unprepared.

How to get rid of panic attacks yourself

To stop suffering from discomfort in connection with a panic attack, there is a simple and understandable step-by-step system for dealing with it. Methods of getting rid of panic attacks on their own are based primarily on the fact that a person at the time of an attack is aware of what exactly is happening to him.

How to quickly get rid of a panic attack

The first thing to learn is to stop being afraid of a panic attack. Of course, it is much easier to say this and not so easy to put into practice. But the next time you get hit, attack that panic yourself. Collect all your anger and irritation that you can find and with maximum force, go towards panic. You need to be angry at her. Do it all for evil. In no case do not give in, boldly go forward and show your anger and strength. And the moment you replace the fear of a panic attack with anger at it, the fear goes away. There is simply no room for him. This method helps a lot at this particular moment when you need to cope with this particular panic attack. But it doesn’t have long-term effects. That is, with its help, you will not be cured of panic attacks.

How to get rid of panic attacks on your own

Then the next step comes to our aid – rationalization . Try to keep your head at least a little clear during a panic attack so that you can counter it on a rational level. Although, if you are rational enough and vigilant at all times, random negative thoughts simply cannot sneak in and cause panic. So, the essence of the method is to explain to yourself what is happening now. It’s just panic, they don’t die from it, and all the sensations are due to the high concentration of adrenaline in the blood. You just need to wait a little, and in half an hour there will be no trace of all these sensations. A panic attack has a beginning and an end, that is, it is limited in time. And until it “shakes up” to the end, nothing will change, you just need to wait and endure. And if you continue to wind yourself up and think about the bad, then the situation will only worsen. That’s all, so you can keep the attack within some limits and even somehow cope.

How to get rid of anxiety during panic attacks

Finally, the pinnacle of panic attack treatment is complete acceptance. At that moment, when the panic has already begun, when it covers, you just need to go towards him, remove all the blocks and surrender to the sensations. The goal is to do nothing. Relax and let this state completely take over you. It will begin to twist very strongly, cause a lot of different sensations, the body will get goosebumps and so it will reach the head. And then all of a sudden it goes away. Just let go and that’s it. The mood will improve, strength will increase, and the panic will pass. How quickly it comes depends on how much you resisted. If you just give yourself completely with your head and immediately, then the panic will recede very quickly and the joy of victory will come instead.

So, panic is not such a terrible beast as it seemed. If you know what and how to do, you can get rid of it. The main problem is that we are very afraid of it. Fear gets in the way. It does not allow you to relax, surrender to sensations and then emerge from them. If you want to cope with unpleasant sensations, you will have to face fear and go to meet it. On this path, I can only wish you good luck, because the instructions for action are already there.

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