Men should hide emotions at interviews

As a new study shows, men who want to get a good position should restrain their emotions at the interview. In a study conducted by Canadian scientists, it was found that men worse than women cope with emotions in interviews. Deborah Powell, one of the authors of the study, believes that anxiety during the interview can be expressed in several ways. A person invents and distorts facts about himself, finding it difficult to answer questions, which, as you know, affects the result of hiring.

As part of the study, 125 students took part in a test interview. They themselves assessed the degree of their anxiety during the interview. Scientists found that, in general, men and women, whose score was higher, were less likely to be interviewed than their less nervous colleagues. The existing stereotype that anxiety is more characteristic of women is not true. Men can only be outwardly less emotional and more persistent, while experiencing strong internal excitement.

Scientists believe that this is due to the desire of a woman to express her emotions openly, and share anxious experiences with others. Men, however, accumulate their emotions in themselves and find themselves unprepared for an interview. However, research has shown that regardless of gender, anxiety affects candidate behavior during interviews. Scientists advise you to prepare for the interview in advance: learn about the company and the rules for admission to the desired job. These simple steps will help you avoid stress on the day of the interview. In addition, you can practice at home and try to answer possible questions.

event_note March 12, 2020

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