Panic attacks, anxiety? What to do, how to be? Simple practice

Feeling anxious is a person’s agitated state.

When reality doesn’t match our expectations.

Anxiety is a state of disorder. 

And if a person is upset, he is not complete.

He does not create events, but events happen to him.

Lack of integrity – when, not a person controls his state, but emotions control a person.

But you can’t play a harmonious melody on a disturbed violin …

Therefore, first of all, it is important to return to the state of the here and now, describe what you are doing, describe your own feelings and emotions.

We control what we can describe, what we are aware of. And we are controlled by everything that we are not aware of.

When we describe what we are doing and what we are feeling, we may notice that we are already lowering the intensity of our emotions. And by describing what we feel and do, we can make a different choice. Choose what we want, not what we don’t want.

Enter, when you get into a taxi, you do not say where you do not want to go, you clearly name the address of the destination.

Then the question arises. For what purpose, when a person experiences anxiety, focuses on how to get rid of it, and not on the state in which he wants to be here and now.

There is even a saying, he who seeks will always find! What are you looking for? What are you focusing on?

How can you be able to be here and now and focus on what you want, and not on what you are running from?

The answer is simple – give up the victim position and take responsibility for your life into your own hands.

– Come to the observer position, asking yourself the question – “What am I doing now?”

– Describe your feelings – “What am I feeling now?”

– Return personal responsibility – “What do I really want?”

– Act – “What can I do for this?”

Always, all events in your life are created by you. Even to experience anxiety, you make a decision, you simply overeat responsibility for it.  

And then, and only when you make a decision, and the decision is the root cause, to regain responsibility for yourself, you will find true freedom – freedom of choice. And then you can choose how you feel right now. And this is just a habit. The habit of being the author of your life.

Sow habit, reap character, sow character, reap destiny.

What do you do when you feel panic or anxiety?

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