Parental anxiety can be transmitted to their children

A team of specialists from the UK said that parents’ anxiety can be transmitted to their child. They believe that this condition is contagious, such as the flu. According to scientists, when adolescents are in an irritated state – this is most likely due to the fault of the parents themselves.

Experts from King’s College London have conducted a unique study in which twin families participated. They found that anxiety is transmitted through a generation.

The study involved more than one thousand families, in which it was determined that very anxious parents can pass on their condition to their children. To figure out whether genes or external factors affect children, scientists conducted their research on identical and identical twins.

Scientists note that anxiety can be detected in one third of the population. In this case, the first signs of this condition are manifested by 11 years.

During the study, it was found that external factors play a greater role in this matter than the genes themselves. Consequently, if a child is anxious, then his parents should never demonstrate their anxiety state with him, since this will only worsen his situation.

event_note December 3, 2019

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