Poisoning and intestinal infections: how to spend the summer without a meeting with doctors?

Real warmth has come, and people tend to go out into nature for a pleasant pastime. In the country, in the countryside and in other places remote from the usual urban amenities, it is important to be prepared for the fact that you can get a negative reaction of the body to a change in the composition of drinking water, unusual food, insufficient hygiene and other “marching” realities.

Drinking from a well or eating shish kebab of low or medium roast, tasting homemade eggs in the village, tasting greens from the garden – why not romance? Only here the supposed benefit can turn into trouble. Instead of active communication with loved ones in nature, you can find yourself in a house with a “heart”, which is at the back of the yard, seriously and for a long time. And even worse – in the ward of the infectious diseases hospital.

Why is it easier to “pick up” an intestinal infection in nature?

Well water, especially after floods and surface groundwater entering the well, can become a source of dysentery pathogens, poorly washed vegetables and fruits – Escherichia coli and enterococcus, and untested eggs – salmonellosis.

If dysentery is ill mainly in warm regions, then salmonellosis, rotavirus, enteritis are common everywhere. Symptoms of diseases can develop from 2 to 72 hours after infection. Therefore, the rest can be spoiled immediately.

How to distinguish infection from poisoning?

Symptoms of food poisoning and intestinal infection are similar. In both cases, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea develop. Growing signs of intoxication – headache, aches, weakness.

A distinctive feature of the infection is the severity of symptoms and an increase in body temperature to subfebrile and febrile values. Infectious diarrhea and vomiting can occur up to 20 times a day and be accompanied by acute cramping abdominal pain. Stool with infections may acquire a characteristic sharp, green or yellow color, include fragments of undigested food.

In case of poisoning, pain syndrome, symptoms of intoxication, the frequency of acts of vomiting and defecation may be respectively lower and less frequent than with infection, body temperature may remain normal or rise to subfebrile.

How to help the body cope with poisoning and intestinal infection?

The main place of development of events in case of poisoning, salmonellosis, enteritis, Escherichia coli and other “summer” infections is the gastrointestinal tract, more often the small intestine, less often the large intestine is affected. Therefore, it is obvious that first aid should be to neutralize and evacuate bacteria, metabolic products and inflammation from the intestines. To do this, you should take an enterosorbent as soon as possible – a remedy that absorbs, binds and naturally removes from the gastrointestinal tract the bacteria and viruses that caused the disease, toxic metabolic products and the inflammatory process.

Due to the adsorption of harmful and toxic agents by enterosorbents , the neutralization of endotoxicosis , toxic-allergic reactions is forced, the intensity and frequency of vomiting and diarrhea are reduced. The evacuation of harmful substances, bacteria and viruses brings the onset of recovery closer.

The duration of the use of enterosorbents is on average 3–5 days for mild and moderate forms of the disease, up to 10–14 days for severe forms. Enterosorbents can be used in patients with salmonellosis, other intestinal infections, food poisoning, alcohol and other substances.

What enterosorbent to choose?

Certainly modern, with a selective action aimed at the adsorption of toxins and bacteria. These funds include the Russian Enterosgel , which has proven itself over the years . The gel form of the drug does not irritate the intestines, envelops the mucous membranes, reduces permeability, evacuates harmful substances and bacteria from the body. The drug begins to act immediately after use, so at the first signs of poisoning or infection, you should not delay taking it. Important: Enterosgel can be used in children from birth, pregnant and lactating women. Even with the course application of Enterosgel saturated with water , the risk of constipation is reduced, which distinguishes the gel sorbent from hydrophobic coal and lignin sorbents.

When going out into nature, barbecues, picnics or going on a trip to a village far from city pharmacies and hospitals, you need to remember the rules of personal hygiene. An important component of rest without poisoning and infections of the gastrointestinal tract is compliance with the technology of cooking, proper storage of food, thorough washing of hands, fruits, vegetables and herbs, and boiling water. If it was not possible to avoid poisoning and alarming symptoms from the gastrointestinal tract began, you need to apply an ambulance for poisoning or intestinal infection as soon as possible – enterosorbent .

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