Seafood helps pregnant women to worry less

According to experts from the UK and Brazil, regular seafood consumption reduces overall rates of gestational anxiety.

Scientists in the study studied the effect of eating fish with the participation of 9,530 pregnant women. Subjects were required to complete nutritional questionnaires and take an anxiety test at 32 weeks gestation.

It turned out that women who did not consume seafood at all were 53% more likely to have a high level of anxiety compared to pregnant women who regularly included seafood in their diet. In turn, vegetarianism increased the likelihood of severe anxiety by 25%.

Experts recalled that gestational anxiety has more than once been associated with low birth weight and short pregnancies. Anxiety also negatively affects the development of the child’s nervous system and the stress regulation system. For this reason, experts recommend that doctors prescribe n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid or fish in the diet of women with anxiety symptoms.

event_note May 12, 2021

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