Signs of skin cancer

Several hundred thousand people die from skin cancer every year, according to statistics. The numbers are truly frightening, however, according to oncologists, this type of cancer is much easier to diagnose than any other. , since the changes initially occur in the skin, then already in the first stages, only with a close examination without any special equipment, a specialist can make a diagnosis without much difficulty.

Therefore, it is very important to monitor your body, regularly make home examinations and monitor all changes. As you know, there are 3 types of skin cancer: squamous cell carcinoma, basalioma, melanoma.

Further, we will analyze the first signs of each of the diseases in more detail.

The first symptoms of squamous cell carcinoma

It also has such a name as squamous cell carcinoma – a malignant tumor that originates in the upper epidermis. The tumor can appear both on the skin and on various mucous membranes, in the places where one passes into another. It can also begin to spread throughout the body in the early stages of the disease.

Usually, for a long time, the tumor does not cause any painful sensations, passing practically without symptoms, therefore, patients at the initial stage of skin cancer rarely go to the doctor. This type of skin carcinoma is usually characterized by the following primary manifestations:

the appearance of a small seal, usually a pale color; a hard, reddened seal; spots of a red tint (may peel off); long healing ulcers.

If you have such formations on your body that do not go away for more than 3 weeks, contact a specialist.

The first symptoms of basalioma

It is very similar to the squamous cell type of this disease, but usually develops in the lower part of the epidermis. This is the most common type of skin cancer. Almost never penetrates into other organs. For a long time during the course of the disease, the skin may not undergo any changes at all. If the disease is diagnosed at an early stage, then there are great chances of being cured without any special consequences.

If the disease is started, then it penetrates deeper and can get to the bones, then the treatment is very ineffective.

In manifestation, this type of cancer is very similar to squamous cell. The first symptoms are the same as basal cell carcinoma.

The first symptoms of melanoma

The most dangerous type of skin cancer, which usually metastases throughout the body. Melanoma can arise from an ordinary mole. Usually occurs due to constant prolonged exposure to the sun. More often in fair-skinned people. Melanoma is usually a formation of dark brown or black skin on the skin, less often flesh-colored. Most often it has fuzzy boundaries, sometimes it can bleed. The first signals about the development of melanoma in the body may be:

the mole changed color, became more pigmented;

increased in size (if you notice moles more than 6 mm in diameter on your body, you urgently need to show them to a specialist);

the mole is bleeding or has a discharge;

the mole has become asymmetric;

a precancerous condition is usually characterized by the occurrence of various dermatitis, which, during treatment, not only do not go away, but also develop with even greater intensity.

Remember, only an attentive and careful attitude towards yourself and your own health can save you from this terrible disease. Therefore, when at least one of the above symptoms appears, you should not hesitate, but you need to consult a specialist.

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