Vitamins Aevit – from benefit to harm!

Modern knowledge about the benefits of multivitamin complexes varies widely. Some experts recognize their universal supportive function, while others include them in the list of drugs with unproven effectiveness. In this regard, the need to take monocomponent vitamins is recognized as relevant. With their help, various painful manifestations are “corrected”, the risk of developing severe forms of diseases is reduced.

Structured dietary supplements include Aevit vitamins – the main component of the treatment of “female” and eye diseases, as well as the unstable state of the blood-forming organs. The therapeutic effect of this drug is based on the biochemical properties of retinol (vitamin A) and vitamin E.  

What are vitamins A and E?

Vitamins A and E are biological fat cells. This explains the high concentration of vitamins in animal products (butter, sour cream, cream), as well as cereals and their derivatives (sunflower seeds, pumpkins, vegetable oil). Fats are involved in the formation of an elastic and strong structure of the circulatory system. In addition, plant and animal lipids have a supportive, nutritional function in the process of forming male and female germ cells. Being active participants in the formation of strong and elastic vessels, the walls of the mucous membranes, vitamins A and E play a key role in creating the necessary conditions for the reproductive function, uncomplicated labor activity of women.

The appointment of Aevit vitamins is preceded by a diagnosis of diseases of the visual organ. The nutritional function of vitamins is used to restore the affected ocular regions (retina, cornea, optic nerve). The destruction of the lining of the eye and nerve endings is a consequence of their insufficient blood supply. These vitamins are designed to restore the conductive ability of capillaries and blood vessels.   

Side effects

Of course, taking vitamin complexes affects the work of the whole organism. A positive, healing effect occurs when eliminating the deficiency of certain macronutrients. In case of blood supersaturation with vitamins, intoxication of the body is possible.

Excessive intake of Aevit vitamins can trigger the following symptoms: skin rashes, pain in the stomach (false pancreatitis), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Specific “vitamin” manifestations are often associated with general symptoms. Some of them (hyper-excitability, anxiety, chronic insomnia, convulsions) can significantly worsen a person’s quality of life. Excessive intake of Aevita for a long time develop irreversible consequences. These include:  

– “vitamin” thrombophlebitis;

– renal failure;

– sepsis;

– hemorrhagic stroke.

In connection with the possible occurrence of dangerous hypervitamin activity, experts talk about the need to identify a deficiency of macronutrients individually. For this purpose, a blood sampling procedure is used to identify its vitamin and mineral composition, the concentration of certain vitamins. Based on the results of the tests, corrective vitamin therapy is prescribed.

The need to take certain vitamin complexes is often explained by a decrease in the general immunity of a person. The functioning of the body’s own defense is impossible without the support of the structural components of all organs. However, the usefulness of vitamins seems to experts a conditional indicator, in view of the possible side effects. The possibility of obtaining all the best vitamin qualities is feasible with the appropriate recommendations of a specialist.

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