Anxiety and sex

Anxiety disorder occurs for various reasons: a constitutional factor, organic disorders, prolonged exposure to stress, intrapersonal conflict (a conflict of interests of the individual with the requirements of the environment or one’s own limiting beliefs), a situation of instability in the family, at work, in the country and in the world, causing fear of uncertainty etc.

Chronic anxiety is very harmful to a person. He is constantly forced to be in good shape, in tension, the body and psyche are constantly mobilized, there may be problems with sleep.the disorder is often accompanied by hyperesthesia, when sensitivity to light, sounds, tastes, smells, bodily processes is aggravated (for example, an anxious person begins to more clearly feel tingling in the body, listen to the rhythm of the heart, it begins to seem to him that the heart has stopped or, conversely, will now jump out of chest that a heart attack will happen). This contributes to the development of various phobias ( cardiophobia , carcinophobia, etc.).Among other things, a person is constantly worried about his future, about his loved ones, that something will happen to them. There is no end to his anxiety and foreboding.Such experiences, living in permanent fear, are so exhausting that apathy and depression develop, derealization (a trance state of detachment as a way to isolate oneself from stress), the feeling of life is lost, the feeling of joy disappears. Initially, anxiety leads to functional disorders in the body that the doctor cannot detect, and then to psychosomatosis (diagnosed diseases caused by chronic anxiety or depression). For example, why can a person’s appetite increase during periods of anxiety and depression? He feels hungry all the time, despite the fact that he recently ate a heavy meal. 

The fact is that stress in the stomach of this particular person increases acidity, food breaks down faster. If food does not enter the stomach, then gastric juice begins to aggressively affect the walls of the organ. Such long-term exposure can cause gastritis, ulcers and subsequently cancer.If the heart is constantly beating like an astronaut before the launch of a rocket, then heart disease can be predicted in the future. This is why it is important to work with your anxiety, take preventive measures and even medicate.A high level of anxiety also changes a person’s perception, an excessive fear appears, which greatly restricts freedom: a person is afraid to leave the house, fly in an airplane, his activity is blocked, which increases frustration. In some cases, hallucinations may occur.Anxious people often have some kind of addiction.In this article, I’ll explore the relationship between anxiety disorder and sex addiction.Why does a person develop an addiction from sexual relations, from pornography?Because a conditioned reflex has formed. For example, after having sex or masturbating, the person felt that he was “released.” For a few hours or days, suppose he stopped worrying, panic attacks disappeared, and he could live a normal life, enjoying it.When anxiety began to build up, he instinctively turned to a proven method of defusing.This is an effective way because orgasm leads to the production of the hormone of joy (dopamine and others), relieves stress. It should be noted that the higher the level of anxiety and the longer it is, the more pronounced the addiction .When a person is unable to have sex and experience an orgasm, or when numerous sexual relationships and masturbation begin to harm his health and personal life, self-esteem arises the need to reconsider the way of self-help, to form a new habit to relieve anxiety.This is helped by psychotherapy and mastering relaxation skills.  
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