Anxiety is tormenting. Anxiety is blaring. Top reason. X-M-M system visually

Have you experienced anxiety at least once in your life? I can answer for you – We experienced it more than once. Yes, you may be experiencing it right now.

Of course, different consistency, different intensity, different periodicity, different localization. But it exists with you throughout your life. No, no, and look out from around the corner. Or generally accompanies you constantly in the background.

What is the main cause of anxiety, anxiety?

And in answering this question, we will go from the opposite. That is, not from deep causes of causes reasons . And from the surface – Do you have anxiety, and what is the first reason behind it?

Anxiety torments Anxiety trumpets Top reason System X M M visually

Here I will say one phrase that I recommend to remember, comprehend and return to it again and again:

Our desires are our suffering.

Anxiety certainly causes suffering. It takes away our energy, because when we worry, we turn our attention to anxiety, we drown in it. And we know that where our attention is, there is our energy. In this way, anxiety blocks those directions that could be useful to us if we directed energy there.

Where does anxiety come from? What are the roots of anxiety?

Here I will return to the X-M-M (Want-Can-Can) system that I developed. Familiarize yourself – System “HMM”. How to achieve the perfect harmony of the inner world? Part #1.

So, here is the answer to the question of where the anxiety comes from:

Anxiety is our unfulfilled desires.

That is, based on the X-M-M system, it can be clearly shown that anxiety occurs when “I want” is not equal to “I can”, that is, the system X (I want) \u003d M (I can) \u003d M (I can) is violated and It does not work.

Let me remind you that equality in this system is the key to inner harmony and healthy balance.

And the stronger the inaccessibility of the fulfillment of our desires, the stronger the anxiety.

In this article, I will not touch upon the questions of the irrationality of desires, the questions of neurotic aspirations. I will announce the answers to these questions in the subsequent articles of the cycle about the X-M-M system.

Let’s go back. Now imagine that you have, for example, five desires that cannot come true (conscious or not conscious, it doesn’t matter).

What would be your concern then? I think the strongest.

And even if you have one unfulfilled desire, which is quite accessible, and not so strong, then all the same, you will experience anxiety of one degree or another. And, I repeat, it doesn’t matter if this desire is conscious or not.

Conclusion. The first task for relieving anxiety is the realization of one’s “I want”, one’s desires.

And in order to realize your desires, you need to realize them. Because quite often people have a question – What do I want? And we can hear the answer – Yes, I do not want anything. But, a person always, at every moment of time, wants something.

In subsequent articles, I will continue to tell, explain, and show affordable, effective ways to relieve anxiety.

Stay with me.

Go away anxiety! Launching the fulfillment of desires – Sign up for a consultation.

Evaluative thinking and anxiety. Case on the psychological group.

Articles / Relations with others

Hi all!

We continue to share stories that take place in our psychological group.

One day, our participants were given the following task:

At the next meeting, share your impressions of other participants. Try to avoid general judgments such as a good person, a strong personality, an interesting conversationalist, and the like. Stick to the following pattern:

What do you think of this person?

What do you think he lacks, what does he need?

What would you agree to do with him?

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