Anxiety. What to do with her?

Anxiety… Obsessive, sticky and not letting you sleep peacefully at night…

Such Anxiety , as a rule, does not help to solve problems, but only creates tension, which hinders the search for ideas to resolve the current situation. Such an emotion as anxiety blocks our creative energy and does not allow us to see the opportunities and prospects that Life opens up to us every day.

Anxiety is like a rocking chair. It creates the appearance of movement, but leads nowhere.

Sometimes we spend a lot of time and sleepless nights worrying, feeling fear because of some situation that seems gloomy and unsolvable to us. At such times, our mind tends to exaggerate unfavorable circumstances, and in the end can convince us that things are even worse than they really are.

Anxious thoughts cast big shadows on small things.

Don’t waste your precious energy on empty worry, rather, use it to develop different solutions to your complexity.

If you have a problem, then first think about the options that will help solve it. After all, every problem situation always has at least two options for possible solutions. And even more!

For each of the items (options for solving the problem), answer yourself the following questions:

1. What is the WORST thing that will happen if I do this in this situation?

2. What is the GOOD thing that will happen if I do this in this situation?

If you honestly answer these questions for yourself, you will see that most of your anxieties are not half as serious as they seem at first.

By having a carefully crafted answer to every possible problem, you won’t have to waste time on pointless, useless worries.

Usually people think a lot.

But the trouble is that they think about problems, not about solving these problems.

It happens that due to anxiety and fruitless fears, insomnia begins to bother. In this case, try using a notepad and pen. And instead of chasing anxious thoughts all night or grieving about a problem for which there is no solution yet, it’s better to write down the essence of your problem on a piece of paper and make a list of those things that you have to do tomorrow in order to at least somehow move forward in solving this problem. question.

You will immediately feel relief when you share your worries with a notebook. Everything will be already written and there will be no need for you to turn these disturbing thoughts over and over again in your head all night long.

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