Atopic dermatitis

One of the most unpleasant and common diseases is atopic dermatitis. It is allergic in nature and appears on the skin as inflammation. Unfortunately, the disease is already genetically incorporated and, as a rule, is chronic. Therefore, a patient with such a diagnosis in a relative will have someone with the same ailment.

Atopic dermatitis is based on a malfunction in human immunity. Instead of protecting the body from bacteria and harmful environmental factors, the immune system at some point begins to consider neutral things as “enemies” in principle: pollen, gluten, animal hair, lactose, dust mites.

It is worth remembering that dermatitis in no case should not be tried to treat on its own. To establish or confirm a diagnosis, prescribe medications, you must consult a doctor. The fact is that some equally serious diseases have similar symptoms. Therefore, self-treatment can further harm health.

Dermatitis, the atopic treatment of which is quite difficult, is a very unpleasant disease. The traditional scheme of its treatment is to take special drugs designed to eliminate itching, eliminate the cause of allergies, use antibacterial agents and periodically conduct a complete detoxification of the body. The entire course, its duration and dosage of drugs prescribed by the doctor based on the condition of the person. There is absolutely no need to prolong the course of taking medication if the doctor did not recommend this. After all, almost all drugs have side effects and with the wrong method of administration, they can occur. 

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