Bad sleep causes pain in the whole body

A British scientist published the results of a study stating that in people over the age of 50, chronic pain in the whole body can be caused by disturbances in normal sleep.

About 4.3 thousand people took part in the study. Their age exceeded 50 years. Experts monitored their condition for 3 years. At the same time, 2.7 thousand of the volunteers who agreed to take part in the study stated that they chronically experience mild pain throughout the body. At the same time, all participants had good mental and physical health and did not suffer from diseases characteristic of their age. They led a healthy lifestyle and did not have any bad habits.

At the end of the study, it was found that 19% of volunteers suffer from extensive pain, which are symptoms of fibromyalgia. Scientists have studied the factors that led to these pains. As a result, they found that one of the main reasons is poor sleep quality. As a result, night rest simply does not allow normal recovery of strength.

Additional factors that provoke extensive pain are poor health, anxiety, and a decrease in cognitive abilities. In order to remove these symptoms, scientists advise doing aerobic exercises that will improve the quality of sleep. This is, first of all, daily walks in the fresh air, as well as swimming, running or exercising on a stationary bike.

event_note January 16, 2020

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