Cryolipolysis – advantages and disadvantages

Cryolipolysis – this effective technique is becoming increasingly popular among those who seek to bring their figure to the ideal. The technology developed in America is well studied and tested already in many countries of the world. The “cryo” component in the name of the method indicates exposure to cold, and “lipolysis” is consonant (and not by chance) with the well-known word liposuction, i.e. cryolipolysis is the removal or breakdown of fat with the help of the cold. 

This method is not intended for general weight loss, it helps in adjusting the volume of local fat deposits or folds – on the back, in the waist, on the hips or in other areas. The essence of the technology is that during the cryolipolysis session, the mechanism of self-destruction of fat cells in certain parts of the body is launched.  

The advantages of cryolipolysis are:

– the painlessness of the procedure and the convenience of its implementation, during a session that lasts an hour, you can even go about your business – read, work on a laptop computer, talk on the phone;      

– locality – only the fat layer is exposed to cold without affecting the surrounding tissue;        

– safety – the devices for cryolipolysis are fully computerized and, at the slightest discrepancies between the programmed process, the procedure is terminated.      

The disadvantages (but rather, features) include:

– few contraindications – some types of neuralgia, cold urticaria, Raynaud’s syndrome, lactation, pregnancy (naturally), purulent inflammation on the skin, the presence of a pacemaker;      

– prolonged effect – cryolipolysis does not remove fat as such, but triggers the mechanism of its self-destruction, the result of which is noticeable after 3-4 weeks;      

– a limited amount of reduction in fat folds – an average of 25% per session;      

– the limit on the number of zones (from 1 to 4) for exposure during one session – it depends on the total amount of fat that needs to be removed, and is selected individually;      

– cryolipolysis is not performed to reduce body fat in small areas (cheeks, second chin);      

– the method is not effective with severe stretching of the skin and significant obesity, it is advisable to use cryolipolysis with a small excess weight (from 4 to 7 kilograms);      

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