Treatment of urticaria in children

Urticaria is a skin disease of an allergic nature, which is characterized by the rapid spread of rashes on the skin. The rash consists of blisters with a seal in the center. Rashes are accompanied by irritating itching. Typically, this process is associated with taking certain medications, so before you start treatment for urticaria, you need to find out what exactly caused the allergic reaction of the body. 

Symptoms of urticaria in children appear almost instantly. Initially, abundant rashes appear on the skin. The blisters that make up the rash can be of different sizes and shapes. Sometimes they merge into separate groups, forming a pattern similar to garlands on the skin.

Soon a severe itch joins the rash, and the skin color acquires a blue tint. The patient’s body temperature rises. In some cases, temperature readings can reach a critical point.

Signs of urticaria are also pain in the abdomen and joints. Sometimes other symptoms associated with specific manifestations of urticaria are not characteristic of this disease.

First aid

In the acute period of the disease, treatment of urticaria is carried out in a hospital under the guidance of doctors. Before proceeding to the main course of treatment, it is necessary to carry out procedures that stop the flow of allergen into the body. If urticaria arose as a reaction to any medication, you need to abandon it for a while. If a food product acts as an allergen-irritant, it should be excluded from the child’s diet.  

The next step in the treatment of urticaria is the elimination of allergen residues from the patient’s stomach and intestines. Patients are prescribed a cleansing enema and gastric lavage. It is advisable to carry out the above procedures within the first hour from the detection of urticaria symptoms.  

If you are far from the hospital, all these procedures should be carried out at home, preferably before the arrival of an ambulance. After that you need to try to give your child a drink of mineral alkaline water, for example, Borjomi or Polyana Kvasova. If there is no mineral water in the house, you can replace it with a soda solution. Drinking plenty of water during first aid is necessary because it stimulates the microcirculation of the blood and removes the allergen from the child’s body.

Therapeutic therapy

To carry out enterosorption in the treatment of urticaria , activated charcoal, Smectu, Molsim and other enterosorbents are used. These drugs help to eliminate the allergen from the bloodstream.  

The next step is the appointment of antihistamines. In the first 2 days, the patient should take pills every 8-10 hours. Then, treatment orally continues for 10 days. The scheme of drug therapy does not change. The treatment of urticaria in children is carried out with Suprastin, Tavegil, Pipolfen and others.   

To reduce sensitization to food products, enzyme preparations Festal, Pancurmen, and Oraza are used. You need to take them twice a day before meals, for two weeks.

If the rashes on the skin do not decrease, but continue to grow, and the patient develops swelling, diuretics must be introduced into the treatment of urticaria (“Lasix”, intravenously). If the patient has symptoms of bleeding disorders, this may not be enough. It is necessary to supplement the treatment with invasive therapy with the use of anticoagulants.  

For the treatment of children with a severe form of the disease, the use of corticosteroid drugs is necessary. If there is a risk of Quincke’s edema, the child is prescribed Celeston once.

After the acute manifestations of urticaria have subsided, treatment continues with antiallergenic drugs. Antioxidants and membrane stabilizers are used for 3 months.

In addition, the patient is prescribed a course of taking vitamins. In order to prevent the occurrence of relapses of the disease and its degeneration into a chronic form, a complete reorganization of the foci of infection is carried out.

To do this, seek the help of an ENT specialist and a dentist, treat carious teeth, and relieve inflammation of the gums and sinuses. Of great importance in the treatment of urticaria in children is also the correction of the functions of the digestive system. In the future, sparing antiallergenic drugs and a special diet are prescribed for a complete cure.

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