Dermatitis. Prevention measures

A team of experienced pediatricians who publish their articles in the world’s leading journals have studied a completely new disease that has not been noticed for a long time and did not attach significant importance to it. The appearance of skin irritation on the back of the thighs and buttocks, arises from contact with the toilet seat, it is this version that is put forward in the first place.

Several highly specialized doctors from the Children’s Center in Baltimore conducted the trial, that is, analyzed five cases of dermatitis in children. Doctors told the press that dermatitis is one of the diseases that is described in medical reference books, this disease occurs in poorly developed countries, but pediatricians still face this disease, even in the United States. This type of dermatitis has been found to be irritating to the skin due to the release of paint and varnish on the toilet seat. Often, scientists consider the disease as a diagnosis that is accompanied by a rash on the skin, it constantly spreads and causes unbearable, one might even say painful itching. Dermatitis certainly requires treatment, because irritated skin is very vulnerable, bacteria can easily enter the body, and this can lead to very serious infections that must be eliminated with antibiotics.

Doctors say that this type of dermatitis can be prevented on your own, that is, without taking any medication, for this you simply need to put paper on the toilet rim in public toilets, this number includes school and stationary toilets. You also need to replace wooden toilet seats, with more hygienic ones, such as plastic ones, you need to clean the toilet seat every day, you do not need to use cleaning agents containing phenol or formaldehyde, because they can irritate the skin.

To clean the seat, rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide is best suited, these two products will perfectly replace expensive and unnecessary detergents, plus they are much more effective. After just a few touches of a wooden bench or toilet seat, children develop the very first signs of illness, which are caused by harsh chemicals. The best doctors recommend that you take this problem seriously enough, and follow all the precautions and measures.

event_note August 31, 2020

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