Atopic dermatitis in newborns

Atopic dermatitis can be called a disease of interaction with the outside world. Often it occurs from the most tender age and continues throughout life, periodically increasing or weakening.

Its development is associated primarily with a hereditary predisposition. Probably, some features of metabolism lead to an incorrect reaction of the body to certain environmental factors. Under suspicion the mother’s malnutrition during pregnancy, the illness she suffered during this period. Poor ecology, a large amount of fertilizers and other chemicals in products play a certain role.

Unfortunately, atopic dermatitis in newborns does not cause sufficient alertness in parents. In addition, people around them often begin to calm them down, saying that “not a single baby can do without red cheeks and crusts on the head.” In fact, until the process has gone far, it must be treated. Moreover, the main role is played not by medicines, but by creating conditions for the elimination of allergies.


The main symptoms that develop in infants are diaper rash, redness and peeling of the skin. The scalp is often captured, on it you can see white or yellowish fatty scales – a milky scab. Often, irritation can be seen on the cheeks and buttocks. At first, the skin changes shallowly, with timely measures taken, violations quickly disappear, and the normal tissue structure is restored.

Over time, the process progresses, both on the surface, as well as in depth. In addition to the crusts, bubbles appear, they burst, the surface is covered with sores, it gets wet. Baby’s delicate skin becomes rough. The pathology of the nervous system develops due to constant itching, inability to lie quietly, play, sleep. The baby does not eat and sleep well, becomes more susceptible to infections.

Here endless visits to doctors, folk healers and psychics already begin, large funds are spent. A lot of herbal infusions, potent drugs are injected into the child’s body, where the metabolism is already disturbed. Quite often the effect is small, or none at all. They start scolding everyone around … except themselves.


  • How is atopic dermatitis in newborns treated?
  • Proper nutrition for mom, rejection of favorite, but allergenic foods.
  • Timely and gradual addition of new types of food.
  • Refusal from ready-made factory semi-finished products. Despite the inscription “hypoallergenic”, they are completely unsuitable for such children.
  • You need to wash your baby’s things only with baby soap, on your hands. Of course, there is a great temptation to just throw them in the washing machine, but the child’s health is more expensive.
  • Prefer simple and natural clothes to beautiful, but synthetic things.
  • Fill the shelf with baby cosmetics with special, non-irritating lotions, creams, bathing products.
  • It is merciless to deal with dust, to eliminate all places of its accumulation.
  • More serious treatment is prescribed only by a doctor!
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