Excitement, anxiety, anxiety. It’s time to change something

Anxiety is normal. These words are completely true. Anxiety is really present in our life, and only the dead can get rid of it. Do not think that I am calling someone to suicide.

But it is quite another matter when a person says: “Chronic anxiety is normal.” I often find that people get used to anxiety and depression in their lives. And I have to deal with this both when working with clients and in everyday life, hearing similar things from people I know or dear to me. 

People perceive a state of constant anxiety or depression as absolutely normal. They think that life is just the way it works. There is nothing you can do about it. They accept the fact of their deplorable state, worsening it every second.

It is not surprising against this background to see such a large percentage of people who abuse alcohol, drugs or tobacco. After all, their stress must be somehow suppressed. Or rather, to give yourself temporary relief, which will only aggravate the situation.

Excitement anxiety anxiety Time to change something

Therefore, it is important to understand that anxiety in our life is a completely normal thing, but chronic anxiety is a reason to think. Such people are used to devalue any of their positive aspects of life. Even if they have fun at some point, they quickly forget it or it becomes unimportant.

Why should we keep a bright memory in our head if it contradicts our belief that the world is so dangerous that I am alarmed every minute? And then the depression will pass. And without her, the world will not be as sad as it seemed before.

The problem is that due to a huge number of different reasons (social conditions, upbringing, living environment, political conditions, etc.), a habit of anxiety is quickly formed in a person.

Some people continue to live with anxiety all their lives. They do this not because they don’t want to go to a specialist, don’t want to change their life, but simply because they don’t know another life. They don’t know that life without chronic anxiety exists at all.

And knowledge is already a great power in the hands of intelligent people. Therefore, if you tell yourself that your anxiety does not stop (or you are constantly depressed), then this is a reason to ask yourself: “Do I like living in this state?”

If your answer is no, then it’s time to change something. And a psychologist can help you with this.

event_note December 26, 2021

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