False alarm or how to stop worrying

Let’s consider the concept of “anxiety” – this is an unknown, not understood, not understandable and not familiar – never experienced before) fear. Because the fear of something specific and specific of a dog, public speaking, hunger, death, punishment, boss (there is a reason).

And anxiety has no reason and therefore it smolders for a long time and tediously, like a splinter, exhausting a person and subsequently leading to psychosomatic diseases.

Fear is a fleeting phenomenon.

Lies are lies, unjustified and unjustified fantasies.

False alarm – in vain, invented, artificially exaggerated.

How do you stop worrying? Easily!. because

• no reason

• she is invented

• there is no subject for fear.


• clear up the alarm

• ask yourself “what am I really afraid of, why am I anxious and losing energy”

• think about what long-term anxiety can lead to: at least to psychosomatics, and later to chronic diseases, oncology, etc.

• why do i need my alarm

• from which I close myself with her … I do not …

• what i really want, i don’t want

• find hidden benefits

• when I am anxious, I justify my own laziness, inaction, complexes and fear (not to be confused with anxiety).

This exercise, which, having done, perhaps more than once, will help you honestly and transparently find the cause of your anxiety.

Because when there is a reason, there is no anxiety (not in one day, but gradually, because the most difficult thing is to honestly admit to ourselves why and for what we are actually worried. That’s all arithmetic. Everything ingenious is simple!

Try it first. Suddenly it will work out. And if you are looking for a reason for doing nothing, then for something you need your anxiety. How do you think?

Worth trying! Because even if you cannot find the cause, the anxiety will decrease anyway. Because, having occupied yourself with the search for the cause, you will not have time for your imaginary anxiety …….

event_note September 27, 2021

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