What to do when anxiety gets in the way

Our life is unstable and sometimes unpredictable, every day we experience many strong emotions. Normally, there should be more positive experiences than negative ones, but many find it difficult to maintain balance and find reasons for joy in difficult situations. And the intensity of the emotions experienced is much greater than the resources available to cope with them. Anxiety captures and interferes with sober thinking.

To successfully cope with anxiety without sacrificing health – physical and mental – requires effective management of your emotional responses.

Ways to reduce anxiety:

Study facts and proven information. Avoid or limit news from the media and social media as this can lead to misinformation and new stress.

We can deal more effectively with an unpleasant situation by reducing contact with the source of our anxiety, or at least aspects of it. In other words, distract yourself and your loved ones by doing interesting things. We cannot be distracted all the time, as we need to be aware of what is happening in the world, but sometimes it is necessary.

The most appropriate use of distraction is when emotions threaten to overwhelm us and when problems cannot be resolved immediately. You can solve some problems, but sometimes you have to wait, and this requires calmness and patience.

Stick to your daily routine, even if you are working remotely. Establishing a routine helps to organize not only your affairs, but also your thoughts.

Play sports or other physical activity. It helps flush stress molecules out of the body.

Look for interest in life, do what fascinates you, develops, makes you happy.

Think about past anxiety situations that you have successfully dealt with. It builds self-confidence.

Use breathing and other relaxation techniques to help stabilize your emotional state.

People often copy the behavior of others during difficult situations, including becoming victims of mass hysteria. It is important to act rationally, with a sober head, and not under the influence of emotions. We have a real reason to learn how to manage our emotions, and this will help us all.

event_note September 21, 2021

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