Fears? Anxiety? Life doesn’t want to kill you!

It’s almost a magical phrase. Answers many questions. Repeatedly helped me in practice.

What if I perform badly tomorrow? What if my child won’t speak? What if I have cancer? What if he leaves me? What if I fall asleep and suffocate in my sleep? It’s so hard for me now, what’s next? I have so many problems, can I handle it?

The answer to these and many other worries is that life does not want to kill you, only to teach you. Teach what, excuse me ?! Yes, it can cause outrage. Especially when the problem is acute and it is impossible to look at it differently.

The topic is closely related to the issue of worldview. Earlier in my articles I raised the topic of life and death. I believe in the meaningfulness, orderliness of life. That it does not end with the death of the body. That everyone is here to go through their life lessons (to be understood). Realizing your special role. If a person could not change anything or went through all his lessons, he would die. If you are still alive, do not be afraid – not all lessons have been completed, the study continues. Probably, many have noticed that most of what a person is afraid of does not happen to him. That is, the foreshadowing, anticipation of a disturbing event is a test of fear. We can say a test of a person’s faith. The victory of the fear of what should happen – 75% of the successful overcoming of the event itself.

Sometimes we don’t follow ourselves. Get out of our way. We retreat, crumple in place. Then life pushes us forward. There may be frightening uncertainty ahead and scary to take a “leap of faith”. It is sometimes painful, but necessary. It is more important than the body, the reputation, how we look in front of others. There may be some losses. But what we get in the end is more.

If you are now anxious, afraid of change, or think that terrible illness, suffering and death lie ahead. This is not true. Life does not want to make you suffer, suffer, and then die. It is full of meaning. A person living in anxiety may notice that n-th number of days, weeks, months, years have passed, and he is still alive. Therefore, it is worthwhile to calm down, look around and think about what steps Life is pushing to take? Where I sacrificed myself, showed indecision (although I know how to do the right thing), that I didn’t, but should or did, but I regret it. Relive your emotions. Find your lesson. Get back on the road of your Happiness.

And if you need help and support in this, I will be glad to help you.

I wish you self-affirmation on your way, victories and happiness!

The son has grown and anxiety along with him

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As a mother of an adult son, I really understand the difficult moment of separation. It is difficult not only for children, since they have to go into their adult life, to establish and create it on their own, but also for their parents.

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