Freedom, anxiety and depression

For the feeling of freedom, it is necessary to realize and accept both the possibility of choosing one’s own limitations and the possibility of rejecting external limitations.

If only the possibility of abandoning external restrictions is realized and accepted, then the person will move in his sensations to ever greater anxiety / euphoria / mania arising from internal anarchy – the absence of reliable boundaries, rules, laws. And there it is already not far from PA (or other forms) – therefore, recommendations to PA-shniks are all related to the formation or sensation of such boundaries / rules / laws: abstract calculations, body boundaries, life boundaries, different forms of “grounding”, breathing rules and etc.

If a person is aware only of the possibility of choosing his own limitations, then he will move towards depression / apathy, since he has gained the ability only to increase the already huge volume of restrictions that press him (from which he grew up long ago), and, of course, he will use his partial freedom will not. And depression will arise as a result of the suppression and prohibition of one’s own aggression, which naturally arises in the moment of collision with someone else’s restriction / law / taboo. Especially if such a restriction is not realized or is perceived as someone else’s, to change which a person has no right (the very possibility of rejecting external restrictions).

But knowing all this is completely not enough to stop PA-shnichnaya or depress. After all, a person, although not consciously, refuses to accept this or that opportunity. And there are reasons for that. And everyone has their own reasons, individual, very important, constituting a person’s personal history. It is from the interest in personal history, from the therapist’s curiosity to the person himself and his “dark side” (having discovered which the therapist will not run away headlong with a cry “out of me”, but, perhaps, sympathize, cheer up or explain what and how, and why normal) and begins a long and not always simple path of psychotherapy – knowing yourself, accepting yourself, finding yourself and your freedom.

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