How to deal with increased anxiety?

Are you suffering from increased anxiety? Well, of course, because while you are reading this article, the wolf took the kids away, because the door to the apartment definitely remained open. And probably nobody turned off the iron either.

Anxiety state: main symptoms

Perhaps every person at least occasionally encounters attacks of anxiety. Almost from the very birth, people experience a feeling of discomfort when faced with something incomprehensible, threatening, or poorly controlled. Only some have such attacks of short duration and not too bright, which are easy to cope with. And for others, these are difficult experiences that significantly worsen their quality of life. They are like a constant negative background that interferes with normal life. And sometimes they just cover it like an avalanche, depriving a person of the ability to enjoy life, calmness, self-confidence, and indeed physical strength in general. For this reason, it is very important to understand what heightened anxiety is, what its symptoms are, why it develops and how to deal with it. 

Anxiety can be compared to a corrupted alarm. Moreover, it is absolutely unclear why it turns on and what it warns about. As a rule, there is no obvious cause for alarm at this moment. If a person has increased anxiety, then this applies to all areas of his life. A person only knows that he is worried about something: “Has the child dressed warmly?”, “Has he forgot his math textbook?”, “Why did the doctor prescribe this particular medicine?”, “Did the husband forget to take a walk with the dog?” Did you wash her paws? ”,“ Did everyone have enough pizza yesterday? Did you forget to tip the courier? “

Increased anxiety in relationships with loved ones

Living in a state of anxiety is like playing football on a field filled with crystal glasses. The person becomes too indecisive – what if he hits too weakly or too hard? And also helpless, because he loses control over the situation. And suspicious, because he does not believe either his own ears or eyes. And that’s not all. A person who is overcome by fear, anxiety is very weak, because such a way of existence takes away all strength, but does not give a result.

In order to somehow inhale and exhale, the victim of increased anxiety tries to constantly protect their loved ones. Such a person always has a supply of medicines for all occasions, a fire extinguisher and a gas canister. In addition, he constantly carries a stock of sandwiches in his bag and calls his relatives every minute, demanding a detailed report.

And some simply do not allow anything new in life – they do not go to the sea (what if they drown?), Do not go out into nature (suddenly get lost or catch a cold?), Do not make new acquaintances, because, in their opinion, all people are somehow suspicious, and still do not change their place of work and try not to get behind the wheel. Another pointless option for dealing with fear, anxiety can be called countless amulets, conspiracies and other dubious methods.

There is more than one reason for the development of increased anxiety. These may include both a predisposition and a certain psychological makeup, and unstable relationships with their own parents in childhood. Because if mom shouts today for no reason, and tomorrow kisses again for no reason, then this means that this world is unstable. Accordingly, you need to protect yourself in some way.  

Fear, anxiety: how to deal with negative emotions?

In the process of dealing with increased anxiety, first of all, you need to cope with yourself. A clear hierarchy of activities and events is a good way to reduce anxiety. It is advisable to remind yourself every day of what is important at the moment and what is a minor problem. Are you expecting guests? Very good. You can talk to them and laugh, but it is not at all necessary to polish the plumbing to a shine before their arrival. It is unlikely that any of them want to get into the bathroom in the middle of the holiday. And if, for some reason, fear, anxiety has appeared, you should not waste your energy on getting rid of it. For example, before going to the sea, it is better to pack your things, and not spend time studying statistics on the case of sea urchin poisoning.

By the way, repetitive work and a sedentary lifestyle exacerbate the state of anxiety, and physical activity, on the contrary, helps to cope with it. Therefore, in order to relieve tension, you should often do what you love – draw, dance, read or just walk in beautiful places. Sometimes cleaning up can help deal with negative emotions. And, of course, compliance with the regime. In general, you need to find contact with yourself, as well as your feelings. You can remember yourself as very tiny, “take in your arms” and ask: “What are you most afraid of and how can I help you?” You need to learn to express your emotions, define personal boundaries, and also protect yourself. And you also need to learn to distinguish between your own and someone else’s worries, because in the relationships of close people, they often merge and complement each other. 

But what if increased anxiety does not torment the person himself, but his loved ones? First of all, under no circumstances should you make fun of his suffering. It would be better to demonstrate their reliability – to keep promises, answer all calls, do not interrupt the correspondence without explanation. In addition, it is recommended to avoid conversations on difficult topics – about disasters, accidents and other sad events. A person who is constantly overcome by fear, anxiety will immediately try it all on himself. And when you are near during an anxiety attack, you just need to hug him, distract him from disturbing thoughts and promise that nothing terrible will happen. By the way, modern irons have a self-shutdown function .

And in conclusion, I would like to say that not everyone likes surprises, the more disturbing people. They find it difficult to endure any unexpected events – whether it be the appearance of friends on the doorstep or a trip to a camp site on a weekend. All these things only shatter an already unstable nervous system. And besides, they add problems like: “what to treat unexpected guests” or “how clean is the bedding at this very camp site?” So if you really want to please a restless friend, it’s best to ask how. And do as he asks.

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