Imposed anxiety

  Today I want to talk about how people do not live in the present. For clarity, I will give an example that happened to me the other day. I talk to my grandmother, she is interested in the mood of her granddaughter, I tell her that everything is fine and she generally has no reason to worry. And here begins a familiar and indicative turn: “but soon you will go to school, do you imagine what it is and how much you and she will have everything? !!!”

And so it was always so that good things did not happen and no matter how joyful it was now, there was always something worth starting to worry and worry about in the future. Of course, my grandmother grew up and lived in a difficult time, this explains a lot, but many young people live by this principle, who simply do not allow themselves to enjoy what is happening, but are looking for reasons for anxiety, worries in the future.

But if we think about it, then we cannot predict what will happen next and get ahead of ourselves about everything, there are always unforeseen circumstances and what then, to live in eternal anxiety and tension? After all, some events always replace others and it turns out that it is impossible to exhale. And living in eternal tension, stress, you will simply miss all the joy of life.

So I suggest that you live in the present and pull yourself into what is happening in order to be in the moment. Ground yourself, refer to your body, learn to feel it, watch how it responds to what is happening, use all the channels of the senses.

I recommend mastering this extremely useful skill, and I often observe that it is not at all easy for many to learn. But only in this way you will be in what is happening, otherwise you risk turning your precious life into one continuous stress and a race to overcome difficulties, one huge exhausting distance.

event_note November 20, 2021

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