Inner emptiness, pain and anxiety in a relationship with a man. How to overcome?

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When you experience feelings of anxiety, pain and emptiness in a relationship, it seems that this is such a pain that it is impossible to cope with. The rest of the world loses colors, work, even if you liked it in some way, falls out of your hands, talks only about your pain with your friends, or, if they don’t want to listen, you generally want to hide, fall through the ground and not get out.


But it began, most likely, with falling in love, with the feeling that he was the one and it was with him that happiness would be.

History from life:

She was with her mother alone, and her mother raised her also alone. Increasingly, our heroine was in her childhood with her grandmother in the village, and her grandmother was not particularly up to her, the economy is all the same.

Although, I must say, both mother and grandmother tried their best. They really loved her, but were often busy. Mom divorced dad when our heroine was very young and dad rarely came. And when he did appear, she tried to be a very good girl, he bought ice cream, walked with her in the park and it was a cool feeling, a holiday. She really looked forward to this every time, and when this was not there, as a child, she learned to live with emptiness and expectation inside. Although I couldn’t get used to it. She thought that dad was the best, but mom didn’t care about her.

She met her man a year ago at a disco and immediately flew away from his charming eyes. He was a holiday man – he took her to the movies, bought coffee, ice cream, and when she was with him, she was in seventh heaven.

Inner emptiness pain and anxiety in a relationship with a man How to overcome

and when they parted, even for a short time, it was as if a black hole of pain formed inside her, it seemed that she could not survive it. She tried to occupy herself with work, study, friends, but all in vain. He was constantly in my head.

She was waiting for meetings, and over time, these meetings no longer brought former happiness, but rather temporary relief.

Fear, anxiety, pain – all this filled her more and more. She turned into an obsessive woman who constantly wrote, called, watched him on social networks, out of her own anxiety.

He was tired of it, already quite tired. And at first he moved away, and then he completely decided to leave, which they talked about today before her visit to a psychologist.

“How can I get his love back? How can we be happy?” was her request.

And the truth is, how not to live in pain, fear, anxiety that they will leave you. How to make sure that you do not torment yourself or others, but really live in a happy inner and outer world, and in relationships you are both happy alone, when you are busy with your own affairs, and together.

1. In childhood, a script was formed that is filled with the fear of loneliness, the hunger for love, an incompletely formed personality (not psychologically matured) and this significantly affects both the sensations in life and the choice of a partner. It is worth working with this, otherwise any relationship will cause such feelings.

2. It is important to self-realize and develop, to create supports inside and out, so as not to be a baby completely dependent on an adult.

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