An exercise in internal resources. Anxiety, fear, will, risk

Will and risk. What meaning do these words have in your life?

The manifestation of will is the strongest motivator for the result and achievement of goals. Thanks to the will, we can cultivate the inner core and show strength to this world. The will is conscious and creative, it is something deliberate and having a plan for action.

Risk is always accompanied by doubt and emotions, these are the living components that lead us to the result. Refusing to take risks, we do not go to learn new things.

When we go into the shadows, we give up the position of “I can” and “I deserve.” It is a deep story often associated with traumatic experiences. The leading link is our inner fear.

I suggest you do an exercise based on constellations.

We need: four sheets of A4, a felt-tip pen.

1 sheet FEAR / ANXIETY

2 sheet I CAN

3 sheet WILL

4 sheet RISK

Make time and space for the exercise, be serious about yourself while doing the exercise, treat the process with respect.

FEAR / ANXIETY – think about what causes your fear, what inner anxiety leads it, maybe this is an event or people in your life. Draw an image of your fear / anxiety, feel where in the body this emotion is localized. Talk to this emotion or write what you feel, how you interact, whether you can live without this feeling, or allow it to be, if so, how many times a day/week/month. Be honest with yourself. Make a deal with this emotion. For example, I cannot give up anxiety and write: I allow my anxiety to be in my life no more than 2 times a week. And speak what you have written. And agree on this with your visualization: I allow you to be no more than 2 times a week, but you can come to me no more than 2 times a week, more than 2 times I will not let you in, if you violate our agreement, then I will destroy you / I will exterminate from my life / your other option. Date and signature.

Congratulations! Now you have a bilateral agreement for which you are responsible!

Arrange the sheets on the floor in order: I can – will – risk.

Relax your body, perhaps it will be a breathing exercise, or a favorite meditation, or perhaps the sounds of the sea or something else that is comfortable for you.

Stand on the “I CAN” sheet. This is the place of your strength, inner confidence, even if negative emotions are coming, let them be and with your breath let them leave your thoughts and body. You can imagine your blocks and say: “mom / dad / husband / or someone else can I” try to breathe and realize that you deserve more. When ready, take a step to the next sheet.

Sheet “WILL”. Focus on the emotions that are inside, feel your spine. The spine is your main support, your core. If possible, visually strengthen it, make it thicker and heavier. Remember the events that suppressed your will, and exhale all your heaviness with your breath. Will is your guiding star. It helps us set goals and work towards them. Will is about I. Unshakable decisions and actions. Build confidence within yourself, fill it with it. Stay in this state and allow your will to be your compass through life. If you’re ready, you can take a step forward.

Sheet “RISK”. Feel this state. What is it for you? Remember how you took risks in life and what results you got. Even if you didn’t get what you wanted, you were still on the hero’s path, you were strong in your intentions , and you did it while others were afraid. Behind the risk are great gains. We always have to take risks when we plan a new project and dedicate it to the world, we take risks when we want big money, we take risks when we prepare a dish according to a new recipe, when we get married, we move to a new place of residence, agreeing to a new job or position, we risk our lives when we give birth to children . Realizing this , you understand that risk is movement, this is what life consists of. Stay in this state and allow the risk to be in your life.

Now you can take another step and turn around. Look at the work you have done and the emotions you have experienced. Think about where it was harder to live through emotions, where there was resistance, where acceptance, tears, or maybe some new information came into your life.

event_note June 23, 2022

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