Skin and care for atopic dermatitis

The main symptom of atopic dermatitis is itching. In addition to it – hyperemia, dryness, peeling, thickening of the skin, cracks. Usually small children under two years of age suffer, with a particularly bright clinic between two and six months. In infants, the head and face are more often affected, in older children, skin lesions migrate to the elbow and knee joints. In most cases, the symptoms disappear by the age of five, but they worry some of them until their youth, or even do not leave at all, transforming into other, more serious diseases, for example bronchial asthma (fortunately, this is very rare).

Patients should primarily avoid using soap. Instead, it is recommended a cream for atopic dermatitis, moisturizing and softening, which can be used with dry skin three or four times a day. Fighting infection is an important aspect in the treatment of dermatitis. The skin of children suffering from this disease is much more vulnerable to bacteria than the skin of healthy people. In this case, antiseptic oil-based bathing lotions help.  

To cope with intolerable itching, modern antihistamines help. But it is better to pay attention to the fact that a third of patients are helped by primrose oil, which also soothes itching.

With a more active form of dermatitis, a steroid ointment or cream should be used, distributing them with a thin layer evenly over the surface of the inflamed skin. You can not get carried away with such ointments, as they can lead to thinning of the skin.

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