Skin Itch Treatment

Itching of the skin is a feeling of scabies on the very surface of the epidermis. In this case, the person does not experience pain. Itching of the skin becomes the cause of the need to start combing the itchy place with all his might. However, in spite of the fact that the skin itch is “painless”, it cannot be called pleasant. Therefore, the treatment of skin itching should be carried out necessarily.

Regular combing of the same area invariably causes a violation of the integrity of the skin, which, if untreated, can lead to the formation of eczema in this place. Such dermatological lesions serve as weak points, a breach in the immune system, since an infection can easily penetrate into the wounds, which can become a causative agent of a serious illness.

A variety of drugs are used to treat itchy skin. The kind of drug used in treatment is caused by the cause of itching. 

Itchy skin can occur for the following reasons:

– external conditions and factors, for example, bites of various insects, chemicals that irritate the skin, household chemicals and cosmetics.

– diseases involving the skin, for example, chickenpox or urticaria, in the pathological process.

– systemic diseases, for example, disorders of the liver or kidneys.

It is believed that itching begins at the ends of nerve fibers that are located between the two main layers of the skin – the epidermis and dermis. These nerve endings transmit an impulse to the thalamus, which is an area of ​​the human brain that is responsible for processing information from the senses. Some experts believe that skin itching is a kind of pain, as people who are insensitive to pain and do not feel itching. 

What is itchy skin

– acute local skin itching, which, as a rule, disappears after scratching;

– generalized skin itching, which after scratching does not go away.

Treatment of itchy skin caused by external factors

With this treatment for itchy skin, the main task is to remove the irritation that occurs as an allergic reaction to cosmetics, household chemicals and even clothing.

– treatment of itchy skin with baking soda. Rinse the affected skin with water, apply a mass of ordinary tea soda and water, hold for fifteen minutes. After that, rinse the paste with cool water and pat it with a soft towel.

– treatment of skin itching with a sprocket. The herbal medicine is used to treat pruritus in the form of a bath or compress. Grass relieves irritation, soothes the skin and softens it. Finely chop the fresh leaves and stems of the plant and add to the bathing water. Or prepare a compress by adding cool water to the eye. Many adherents of herbal therapy advise drinking the infusion of this plant from itching.

– treatment of skin itch with witch hazel. This medicine helps with insect bites. To do this, a cotton swab with an extract of a medicinal plant must be applied to the site of the bite, a few drops of tea tree oil can be added to soften the product. 

Treatment of itching of the skin due to systemic pathologies

If itching of the skin has developed on the basis of the disease, it is necessary: ​​firstly, to find out which disease caused the itching; secondly, to completely eliminate the cause of itching, that is, to cure the disease, since skin itching is only its symptom. In order to alleviate the itching caused by a systemic disease, you can:

– take a bath with cool water, which helps reduce itching;

– make compresses of starch and milk. To do this, it is necessary to wet a small piece of cotton cloth in low-fat natural milk or in starch with the addition of water, apply a compress to the affected area.

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