Treatment for panic attacks. Attack on Pa training

In response to stressful situations, a person experiences a specific reaction – panic. Stress mobilizes the protective properties of the body, as a result, adrenaline begins to flow into the blood – a stimulating substance that helps to overcome the current situation, cope with difficulties and adapt the body to new conditions. 

If a person has increased anxiety, nervousness, suspiciousness, protective hormonal substances cause a different reaction to stress, they provoke an anxious, panic feeling. Several provoking factors cause a panic attack.

These factors have a biological and psychological basis.

Panic Attack Factors

Biological factors include:

  • the growth of adrenaline and serotonin in the blood, hormones are produced in the adrenal glands and the brain, cause anxiety, accelerate the heart rhythm;
  • hereditary factor – panic disorders can be genetically determined and pass from one generation to another, the risk of direct inheritance is 17%.

The following psychological factors can lead to panic attacks:

  • phobias, manifested by a fear of being in a confused, hopeless situation;
  • psychological conflict, expressed in fear for the future, a feeling of inferiority and failure;
  • psychological trauma.

Panic attacks occur in people who have problems with social adaptation, who have developed the wrong line of behavior with society. A complicating factor may be a violation of sleep and wakefulness, lack of physical activity. Also, the disorder can develop against the background of taking alcohol, smoking.

A person has the erroneous assumption that a change in sensations can lead to death, loss of consciousness, loss of mind. Man is unable to control what is happening. The duration of the attack can be different.

A panic attack is manifested by a sudden attack of fear amid increased anxiety. The first alarm sign is dizziness. The situation is complicated by vegetative symptoms, a person disrupts the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the production of sweat increases, and pressure rises. An increasing sense of danger escalates the situation, the symptoms begin to complicate, there is a throbbing pain in the temples, the person experiences great excitement, he begins to feel sick.

Panic Attack Methods

Panic attacks can be effectively combated, while it is very important to deal with cognitive distortions, you also need to remove blocks and clamps, make changes in life settings. Targeted treatment will lead to improvement after 8 procedures. The training program “Attack on PA” has an effective result. Work takes place in a group, remotely, individually. Thanks to treatment, along with a panic feeling, the symptoms of vegetovascular dystonia disappear.

Attack on PA training is an effective method to combat panic attacks

Psychological training “Attack on PA” is based on modern achievements of psychological practice in working with patients prone to panic conditions. Training eliminates: 

  • cognitive distortion, due to the satisfaction of the brain in a sense of fear;
  • blocks and clamps: a person is taught to breathe correctly, to do appropriate exercises, a person is also required to reconsider his lifestyle, the patient is helped to get rid of a painful habit, increased suspiciousness and anxiety.

The patient chooses whether he will work in a group or prefer individual lessons. Experts explain the mechanism for the development of a panic attack, help get rid of them forever. 

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