Vomiting in pregnancy

Vomiting in pregnant women develops in almost half of the cases of pregnancy. However, it is not necessary to treat vomiting in pregnant women in all cases, since only ten percent of all pregnant women suffering from vomiting need real help. There are three stages of severity of vomiting in pregnant women. Moreover, the earlier in pregnancy vomiting occurs, the more difficult its course.

The first stage of vomiting in pregnant women is mild vomiting.

At this stage of vomiting in pregnant women, the condition of the woman is considered satisfactory. Vomiting occurs no more than five times a day. Vomiting at this stage may open on an empty stomach, may be initiated by food or bad smells. At the same time, a woman loses no more than three kilograms in weight. The body temperature does not rise, the moisture content of the skin and mucous membranes is within normal limits. Heartbeat – no more than eighty beats per minute. Arterial pressure remains unchanged, blood and urine tests are satisfactory.

The second stage of vomiting in pregnant women – the average severity of the course

At this stage, the general well-being of pregnant women worsens. Women come with complaints of weakness and lethargy, frequent dizziness. Vomiting can occur up to ten times a day. At the same time, the pregnant woman loses up to three kilograms of weight in a week and a half. In pregnant women, body temperature may be elevated, although the level of moisture in the skin and mucous membranes remains within the normal range. The heartbeat quickens, reaching a hundred beats per minute. Blood pressure readings are slightly below normal. A urine test is positive for acetone.

The third stage of vomiting in pregnant women is severe vomiting.

The general well-being of a pregnant woman is greatly deteriorating. Vomiting can come up to twenty-five times a day. In some cases, vomiting can open even from movement. Due to the fact that vomiting at this stage can open at night, there are problems with sufficient sleep. Pregnant women are rapidly losing weight. Stage III vomiting makes it difficult, if not impossible, for pregnant women to retain food and water. And this, in turn, causes severe dehydration and metabolic disorders. The skin and mucous membranes become excessively dry. Body temperature rises significantly. The heart begins to beat at one hundred and twenty beats per minute. Blood pressure drops sharply, the amount of urine is much less than normal. In the process of urine analysis, a positive result is established for the content of acetone. In some cases, protein is found in the urine. The result of a blood test, on the contrary, indicates a lack of protein, an excess of bilirubin and creatinine. At the moment, according to statistics, vomiting in pregnant women of the third stage is very rare.

Therapy and control of vomiting in pregnant women of the first stage is usually carried out in an outpatient setting, under close supervision of the weight of the pregnant woman, indispensable blood and urine tests for the presence of acetone in it. Moderate and severe vomiting of pregnant women is treated in a hospital.

The complex treatment of vomiting of pregnant women is based on drugs that affect the central nervous system, normalize the work of the endocrine system and metabolic processes. The water-electrolyte ratio is especially important. In addition, vitamin complexes and antihistamines are used to maintain the body of a pregnant woman. Throughout the treatment, it is required to adhere to a protective regimen. In a hospital setting, two pregnant women suffering from vomiting cannot be placed in the same room. In this case, subject to the recovery of one patient, repeated vomiting may open under the influence of a sick neighbor.

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