What is folliculitis and how to deal with it at home

Folliculitis is a skin disease / condition in which the hair follicles become inflamed. They look like small red buds and may have a white tip. Most often, they form after epilation, shaving, or other hair removal. Treatment usually takes several days if you follow simple guidelines. However, if the condition becomes difficult or does not improve, you should see your doctor.

Folliculitis symptoms. What can folliculitis look like?

  • Small red pimples that form around the hair follicle
  • Purulent acne around the hair follicle
  • Red and inflamed skin
  • Feeling of pain, itching, accompanying one of the above symptoms

Folliculitis types

Folliculitis has many forms, but we will focus on the most common superficial forms of folliculitis, most of which heal on their own or with home care. Others require medical attention, especially if symptoms resolve within 3–4 days of onset.

1. Beard pseudofoliculitis

This inflammation occurs due to growing internal hair, also called upside-down hair, ingrown hair, etc. It is most commonly seen in men due to frequent shaving of the face. In women, this happens most often after visiting a shugaring in the intimate area. This type of folliculitis leaves unpleasant marks if not properly treated.

2. Bacterial folliculitis

In this type of folliculitis, the kidneys are small with white tips. If it appears on the beard, it is most often referred to as “barber itch”. It is most often obtained after a staphylococcal infection with a cut. Staphylococcal bacteria live throughout our body without causing problems, but open wounds are a prerequisite for penetration into the body and infection.

3. Folliculitis of pseudomonas

This type of folliculitis is caused by the bacterium pseudomonas , which most often people can pick up from swimming pools where chlorine and pH are not regulated. This folliculitis occurs within 4 days after visiting the pool. The inflammation is filled with pus.

The most common causes of folliculitis are:

The most common causes of folliculitis are bacteria, fungi, or ingrown hair infections. Other common reasons:

  • Sweating
  • Dermatitis and acne
  • Skin lesions and cuts
  • Covering the skin with materials that prevent it from breathing
  • Rubbing the skin due to too tight clothing
  • Shaving, epilation

What can we do at home?

As we said, for milder forms of folliculitis, you do not need to see a doctor. It is enough to do a few procedures at home.

REMEMBER: If symptoms persist within 3-4 days, be sure to see your doctor.

Put the warm compress in place for a few hours. You can also use salt water – 1 tbsp. l. salt in 1 glass of warm water

Apply a soothing cream.

Clean your skin with antibacterial soap at least 2 times a day. Always use a clean towel to dry. Replace it after each use – it’s unpleasant but necessary. While your skin is irritated, avoid shaving.

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