Doctors told how to deal with their fears

Do you often wake up thinking of something bad? They came to work, but did not leave you feeling anxious? They went out into the street and waited for danger, were wary of strangers and generally expected something bad?

Without rational explanations, for no apparent reason, increased anxiety is your life companion that you can’t cope with on your own. With fear, you live, fearing for loved ones, for yourself …. 

And how to get rid of this problem that hangs over you and makes life unbearable day after day?

The simplest answer: you should consult a psychologist who will find the root of your fears. The method is not budgetary, but it is very effective, provided that you find a competent specialist.

The second option is to fight on your own. Learning to face one’s fears can only be done with the “on the contrary” rule. This does not mean that it is worth getting involved in a conflict situation in a dark park at night, when your knees are shaking with fear. But, an elementary fear of heights, you can overcome the parachute jump.

Fear of losing a loved one is eradicated by constant communication with him and the ability to value every moment spent together.

Are you afraid to ride the elevator? So the ladder to help you, useful cardio for the body!

Read more literature. Philosophical and religious books will also help to understand that we all are not eternal and that sooner or later we will leave this world, perhaps some of the directions will be close to you in spirit and will help you find peace.

Learn to face your fears, and not hide your head in the sand or hide behind your palms. And breathe deeply!

event_note May 27, 2020

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