Doctors uncovered the danger of dizziness

Researchers from the United States found after experiments that dizziness can be a symptom of a dangerous process of mental destruction.

Doctors believe that chronic dizziness in a person can talk about his mental disorder.

The result of the work of specialists who have associated recurring episodes of dizziness with mental disorders has been published in scientific journals. During the experiments, 15 volunteers with a similar disorder, researchers noticed symptoms of mental disorders.

“With dizziness, mental disorders are recorded in more than 15% of patients. They are quite difficult to diagnose, since the relationship between chronic dizziness and mental disorders is multifaceted and dynamic, ”the authors of the work on this subject said.

Doctors say about the presence of chronic dizziness if for several months signs such as fainting and a feeling of loss of stability, a feeling of falling. Scientists have found that some of the people suffering from dizziness had problems with normal coordination of movements. A third of patients with such problems showed increased anxiety (in particular, its symptoms were exacerbated if necessary to visit public places).

In general, according to representatives of science, chronic dizziness can be associated with physical disorders, as well as diseases of the vestibular and cardiovascular systems of the body. People who complain of dizziness can suffer from heart failure.

But stress can also be the cause of dizziness, against the background of which adrenaline rush, low blood pressure, damage to the inner ear, and brain disease can sharply increase. Long-term use of certain medications (antibiotics, blood pressure lowering drugs, antidepressants, diuretics) can also provoke such conditions, experts say.

event_note May 23, 2020

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